Ms. Subhasree Swagatika Mohanty

Business Development Manager & Marine Lecturer

  • Business Development Manager & Marine Lecturer
  • JWC International Marine Academy


  • Marine Lecturer /Research Officer at Liverpool John Moores University Franchise College in India – Ongoing
  • Worked as a Research Fellow at Berhampur University - Lecturing Biological Oceanography, Ocean Color Remote Sensing, Meteorology to Interns of MSc Marine Biology/Oceanography/Microbiology courses and Maritime Law.
  • Worked as a Project Assistant (GAP004) at IMMT (CSIR) under Govt. of India- dealing with Biological Oceanography, Marine Chemistry, Marine Geology, Remote Sensing, Meteorology.


  • Business Development Manager at JWC International Maritime Academy ( Part of Franchise College India)
  • Worked as a Senior CAD Operator in ABBSYS GLOBAL IT, BBSR, GIS and GPS Software (Includes Arc GIS, Arc MAP, Remote Sensing, AutoCAD, Manifold GIS,) mapping of coastal areas of Odisha and India.


  • Presented paper on oil Spill at International Association of Maritime Universities Conference 2017 , Varna, Bulgaria.
  • Presented paper in International Conference conducted in Vikram Simhapur University, Nellore on Consequence of Noctiluca scintillans bloom in a coastal site of North-Western Bay of Bengal,
    Presented paper in Berhampur University,Odisha,India conducted by Department of Marine Science on Distribution of Meiobenthos in and around Bahuda Estuary, East Coast of India.
  • Attended conference on “Hazardous effects of soil erosion in and around southern coast of Bay of Bengal” conducted by ICZMP,India.


  • Obtained training on Shrimp Breeding and Hatchery Technology, in CIBA
    (Central Institute of Brackish Water Aquaculture), Chennai,India.
  • Obtained Training on Ornamental Fish Breeding and Pond Aquaculture in CIFA,(Central Institute of Fresh Water Aquaculture) , Bhubaneswar,India.
  • Trained on GIS Software,(Includes Auto CAD , Arc GIS, Remote Sensing, Arc Map)