Lt. Col. Abdulaziz Binsarhan Al-Zaabi

Lieutenant Colonel

  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Outlets Passport Control Administration - Sharjah

Management Consultant and Certified Trainer. Holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration – emphasis on strategy management and leadership from Skyline University on Sharjah, also accredited diploma in the preparation and development of leadership from CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY KING SCHOOL, UK.

Order OF MERIT from Osaka City, for work on the World Youth Ship team, this Program is under the United Nations umbrella , and the sponsorship of the Japanese Government.

Also another Order OF MERIT From the Minister of Interior, for leading the team of implementation program of administrative excellence, one is first layer and another one second layer. Order OF MERIT of Academic work from Ministry of Interior. I have implemented many management consulting
programs in quality and excellence, and I have practical experience as a Director of the Strategy Section for 8 years.

The work in the administrative must combine experience and knowledge, to get a unique result.