Capt. Mohamed Ajjan

Business Development Manager & Project Manager

  • Business Development Manager & Project Manager
  • Allianz Middle East Ship Management LLC

Capt. Mohamed Youssef Ajjan has unlimited worldwide Master Marine Class-1 License from Arab Academy for Since and Technology / worked the last 18 years in UAE offshore areas in different offshore operations Rig move/ diving inspection/ Diving support / cable laying / subsea cable repair / ROV Operation / offshore supply / anchor handling / winch move operation / Dynamic positioning vessels, and another 10 years onboard different types of merchant vessels / Bulk carrier / Container / General cargo.

Education/Courses Held:   

  • Master Marine Certificate of Competency Class 1 (Arab Academy for Since And Technology – Egypt Oct. 2000)
  • The operation of self-elevating mobile offshore units (Nobel Denton –Abu Dhabi Jan. 2008)
  • Dynamic positioning familiarization (Nobel Denton – Abu Dhabi Jan 2008)
  • Appreciation of self-elevating mobile offshore units (Nobel Denton –  Abu Dhabi Nov. 2009)
  • Maritime incident investigation and root cause analysis (ABS – Abu Dhabi Dec. 2007)
  • Dynamic positioning basic operator (Kongsberg – Norway Dec 2005)
  • ISO 14001: 2004 upgrade training course (Bureau Veritas – Jebel Ali Dec. 2005)
  • Quality management systems requirements ISO 9001 internal Audit (ABS – Abu Dhabi Jan. 2008)
  • Advanced communication course (Arab academy for since and Technology – Egypt Apr. 2006)
  • Prevention and combating of marine pollution (Arab academy for since)
  • Ship handling and maneuvering (Arab academy for since and Technology – Egypt Aug. 2000)
  • Marine Radar and automatic radar plotting aids ARBA (Arab academy For Since and Technology – Egypt Mar. 2006)
  • Refresher and updating course for Management level (Arab academy for Since And Technology – Egypt May. 2011)
  • HUET helicopter under water emergency training (GTSC – Abu Dhabi 2010)
  • Safe lifting operations (TSDB – Abu Dhabi 2001)
  • Personal safety and social responsibilities (Arab academy for since and technology – May. 2011)
  • Advanced Personal Survival, Search and Rescue (Arab academy for since and technology – May. 2011)
  • Medical care studies (Arab academy for since and technology – May. 2011)
  • Advanced Fire prevention and Firefighting (Arab academy for since and technology – May. 2011)
  • Global maritime distress and safety system GMDSS (Arab academy for since and technology – Sept. 1997)
  • Proficiency in survival craft and Rescue boats (Arab academy for since and technology – Mar. 2006)
  • International English language testing IELTS ( British council – Abu Dhabi Dec. 2009)


  • English fluent
  • Greek average
  • Russian average
  • Arabic mother language

Professional experience:

Allianz Middle East Ship Management (Abu Dhabi – UAE)

Business Development & Projects Manager (Oct. 2016 till present)

Leading the business strategy and company market share, Strategic Consulting including business plan, strategy development. Supervising the contracts and CPAs, managing and supervising the client relation services, supervising the preparation for the new contracts, pricing and market analysis,     lead and supervise the project’s mobilization, progress, and execution.

ADMA – OPCO (Abu Dhabi – UAE)

Sr. Marine operation/project specialist (July 2013 till Sept. 2016):

Plans and coordinates Fields Marine Services for all ADMA-OPCO’s, ZADCO and ADNOC for Drilling Rigs and maintenance barges movements, associated tug boats, general diving services requirements within fields and exploration sites, ensures compliance with company’s professional technical and safety requirements, procedures and standards.

Provides diving support to Survey Engineering Section and follow up ADMA-OPCO chartered vessels with regard to operation status through Daily Morning Report, Ensures to implement OPCO Standing instruction for marine operations and HSE requirements in line with Rig & Barge

Attending and participating in workshops, risk assessment and carry out the vessels / barges / rigs inspection according to the SIMO, IMCA, IMO, and SOLAS requirement in addition to evaluate the vessel’s crew against STCW & OPCO requirements and issue the SSSA.

  • Evaluates tender documents and participates in contract negotiations, follows-up contracts implementation, keeps records, reviews and assesses contractors’ performance.
  • Liaises with contracting companies regarding performance and planned/ unscheduled maintenance and prepares service orders for temporary/ ADHOC jobs or services, checks and initials contractors invoices monthly.
  • Co-ordinates rig and maintenance barges movement with Drilling Division, ensures provision of adequate tug services according to underwriters’ requirements.
  • Coordinates with Engineering/Petroleum Development Divisions to provide specialized survey vessels and diving services required.
  • Participates in marine operations during emergency such as oil spills as a member of ERC team on Rota basis.
  • Checks feedback from vessels against actual and maintains necessary records and prepares/verifies monthly costs allocations to Finance Division, ensures compliance to ADMA-OPCO requirements, standard and established marine procedures and recommends updating as and when required. Reviews operations within area of responsibility
  • Coordinates the activities of contracted vessels, including work plan with Site Marine Representative, prepares monthly/annual operational statistics for Rig/Barge moves and diving teams to achieve cost effective utilization of resources.
  • Enforces safety rules and regulations on all move activities in line with prevailing HSE operational standards and procedures.
  • Works in line the company’s HSE policy and ensure awareness and compliance of HSE rules and regulations by subordinates.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by Supervisor such as, carries out rig/barge moves when required, prepares necessary reports and statistics, conducting necessary surveys to select appropriate needed units and following-up on HSE program.

ADMA – OPCO (Abu Dhabi – UAE)

Sr. Marine supervisor Offshore representative (Feb. 2007 till July 2013):

  • Perform over hundred of self-propelled jack up barges move
  • Perform 30 moves of non- propelled jack up rigs/ barges as trainee rig mover
  • Responsible for preparing rig move plans and arranging statutory under water surveys and setting the Anchor pattern of Rig/ barge moves
  • Communicate with MOTL, regarding rig / barge move site conditions, mooring pattern and discus any additional requirements
  • Perform vessel visits/ inspection. Acts as liaison in supporting role between ADMA and contractors, offering advice as and when required to vessels masters, promote knowledge of OPCO standing instructions and acceptance standards to site and field personnel.
  • Follows up OPCO's standing instructions and acceptance standards. Assist in the training and development of juniors.
  • Implements HSE policy by encouraging a safe HSE culture and submits BSA & HSE observations.
  • Investigates incidents / accidents, initiates reports on findings and recommendations and insure substandard practices are rectified..
  • Carries out auditable checks and Inspection of tow Tugs boats / anchor handling boats /Supply boats including towing arrangements according to OPCO standards. to ensure that vessels are at all times being operated in compliance with international , local , and ADMA-OPCO requirements
  • Supervising / Conducting activities required of mooring vessel (Sea bed survey, special survey gobs, setting anchor pattern, anchor laying & recovering for other field requirements marking pipe lines, under water structure inspections…)
  • Carrying out ISM audits and certification.
  • Inspections / audit of rigs , barges , vessels
  • Ensure offshore buoys and anchors under the control of ADMA-OPCO contracted vessels are inspected, tested, and certified in accordance with quadrennial requirements.
  • Ensure all diving equipment’s are comply with IMCA and ADMA – OPCO standards
  • Ensure all diving operations are being conducted in accordance with IMCA and ADMA – OPCO technical & HSE requirements at all times.
  • Maintain control and supply of spare gear stocks required by mooring vessels
  • Maintain required co-ordination with shore base in regard to stock levels, scrap disposal, and future materials requirements
  • Insure safety drills onboard contracted vessels are carried out and logged as per SOLAS requirements
  • Conduct safety meetings within the field area of responsibility and highest safety points.
  • Evaluating, and assessment of key personnel onboard..
  • Setting, displaying, maintaining safety objectives and motivating the crew for higher safety standards as required by SOLAS / Company and the Flag state hence spreading safety culture on board. Taking measures to meet company’s annual safety & budgetary objectives.

Emirates Telecommunication & Marine services (E-Marine)

Abu Dhabi -UAE

Master / DP Operator

Onboard Dynamic Positioning under water cable laying vessels

From (Aug. 2005 – Feb. 2007)

  • Carried out the underwater cable laying & underwater cable repair.
  • ROV operation
  • Cable handling, loading/ unloading (PLGR, PLIB)
  • Dynamic positioning operations
  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Implemented the safety, security and environmental protection policies of the company.
  • Running the vessels efficiently and safely giving due consideration to ships security needs, catering for its finances, managing various crew nationalities on board, obtaining maximum output from the available resources for cost effective running of vessels.
  • Setting, displaying, Maintaining safety objectives and motivating the crew for higher safety

     Standards as required by SOLAS / Company and the Flag state hence spreading safety culture   

    Onboard, Taking measures to meet company’s annual safety objectives.

  • Implementing International safety management (ISM) including documentation control on board vessels. To achieve the company SMS – safety management system and reporting its deficiencies to the company’s DPA Designated Person Ashore.
  • Carrying out the Owner’s policy in accordance with the managers’ standing instructions relating to running a well-organized, economically maintained and efficient vessel, and its safe navigation
  • Safe navigation, pilotage maneuvering in harbor, port and channels.
  • Loading/Discharging different cable types Ship to ship transfer operation at high seas and in port terminals
  • Carrying out various audits (Environmental, ISM, vetting , Security and Navigational etc) Ship and shore based
  • Following up the budgeting and ensuring that the budgets are kept keeping in mind that budgets and cost control are tools ensuring best possible use of available resources and never have priority over safe operation of the vessel
  • Implementation of the Security Plan including SOPEP, Garbage Management plan as well as the Ballast Water Management Plan
  • Obligating full responsibilities to including safety of lives, pollution prevention, ship and cargo. In addition the overall responsibility for the entire operation of the vessel and in ensuring that the Officers of all departments efficiently discharge their duties.
  • Involve dry docking of vessel and major structural changes during dry docks.
  • Re-modification in Equipment Such as Deck steel, renewal of bottom plating, Repair of Hydraulic lines On main deck…
  • QSHE ( Quality Safety Health & Environment ) modules and course
  • Implementing ILO C 180 (Seafarers’ Hours of Work) policy and ensuring that the crew members have had sufficient rest prior to commencing their duties.
  • Delegation of specific duties to the Officers in accordance with the job description given for their respective rank.
  • Motivating the crew in the observation of the company policies.
  • Issued appropriate orders and instructions in a clear and simple manner.
  • Ensuring that all vessels’ certificates are valid and renewed as required.
  • Ensuring that the vessel is properly manned with qualified personnel.
  • Ensuring that all accidents and hazardous occurrences are investigated and reported to owners.
  • Caring for general health and hygiene.
  • Arranging/following-up weekly work planning meetings and weekly routine inspections according to instructions.
  • Ensuring that the vessel’s logbooks are kept updated at all times, including Master’s night book.
  • Issuing Hot Work Permits in accordance with company’s policy.
  • Checking all safety equipment and leading the ‘Safety Team’.
  • Ensuring that strict bridge routines are kept and that watch instructions are followed.
  • Ensuring proper training, evaluation and reporting of all personnel qualifications in accordance with Company’s instruction(s) and present training programs.
  • Performing drills in accordance with SOLAS, MARPOL and company’s requirements.
  • Conducting Safety Committee Meeting

ESNAAD Co. Abu Dhabi – UAE

Master & Ch. Officer

Onboard different types of offshore utilities

From (Dec. 2001 – Jul. 2005)

Vast experience on all type of offshore vessels (AHTS, mooring vessels, winch move vessels, supply vessels…)

  • Officer and Master onboard vessels involved in rig/barge move marine spread.
  • Officer and Master onboard anchor handling and diving support vessels, carrying out under water surveys, laying the anchor pattern for rig/barge move, marking pipe lines, initial & final rig /barge leg penetration, grouting inspection, and different types of field requirements
  • Officer and Master onboard supply vessels transporting chemicals and drilling equipments for rigs and offshore oil installations.
  • Officer and Master onboard SRV
  • Ensuring that deck hands are efficiently employed during working hours and that adequate “on the job” safety standards and routines are met.
  • Preparing watch lists for port stays and sea watches.
  • Ensuring that safety drills and fire exercises are carried out as required by law and recorded in the logbook.
  • Ensuring that safety routines are observed in entering enclosed spaces including all tanks, holds, and void spaces.
  • Ensuring that all work done on deck is updated and recorded at all times.
  • Ensuring proper training, evaluation and reporting of all deck personnel qualifications in accordance with Company’s instruction(s) and present training program.

Mutawa Marine Services Co. Abu Dhabi – UAE

Master & Ch. Officer

Onboard different types of offshore utilities

From (Nov. 2000 – Dec. 2001)

  • Officer and Master onboard diving inspection vessels involved in underwater oil installation and pipe lines inspection.
  • Officer and master onboard underwater maintenance vessels involved in underwater repair for pipe lines and offshore oil installations.
  • Officer onboard jack up barge MB1

Brief Summary on board various vessels prior serving on Offshore:

10 years of sea going as 3rd, 2nd, Ch. Officer and master onboard:

Bulk carriers

  • Loading /discharging of bulk / break bulk (Including various commodities as – Sulpher, phosphates, Grained cargo, bagged cargo etc),
  • actively participating in Draft surveys,
  • Analysis of safety requirements and fulfilling safety requirements for all above.

General cargo

  • Loading / discharging of various cargoes including Heavy lifts, Vehicles, Spares, Timber cargoes, Ferrous cargoes (Ore and finished products),
  • Inclusive of MPV (Multipurpose vessels – designed to carry Bulk / Break bulk / Ore / Timber / Vegetable oils / Containers / Vehicles etc.).


  • Medium sized engaged on international voyages with conventional container loading / unloading systems
  • Vast experience on all above vessels with heavy lifts cranes, valley, stulken, jumbo derricks and gantry cranes.
  • Active involvement / Participation in dry docking, various surveys – Class and Flag state,
  • Handing over and repairs of all above mentioned vessels.

Computer Skills                  

Proficient in the use of various computers applications like MS Office / windows / Internet applications.